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Here are all the parameters of the simulation, with a very short description of their meaning. All parameters should be specified in units of micro-meters, seconds and pico-Newton, or the appropriate combination of these units.

Parameters which begin with mt specify microtubule properties, those which start with as specify aster properties, cx for motor complexes and ha for hands, the single motor which form the complexes.

nbiter           number of iterations   
record           number of recorded frames   
dt               time step in second   
km               rigidity of the motor links   
kT               temperature (boltzman constant)   
visc             viscosity of the fluid   
boxsize          size of the box in micro-meters
randseed         random number generator seed
mtrodlength      section length for microtubules
mtrigid          rigidity of microtubules
mtminlength      minimum length of microtubules
mtinitlength     initial length of microtubules
mtmaxlength      maximum length of microtubules
mtdynamic        toggle for microtubule's dynamic instability
mtdynspeed       growth/shrinking speed in micro-meters per second
mtdyntrans       transitions rates per seconds
asmax            number of asters
asmtmax          number of microtubule per aster
assize           size of the overlap used to build an aster
cxmax            number of complexes
cxdiff           diffusion coefficient for the complexes
cxhatype1        type of hand forming the complex
cxhatype2        type of hand forming the complex
hamodel          model for how force affects the motion of the hand
haattachrate     attachment rate of hand, per second
hagrablength     reach distance for hand binding
haspeed          unloaded speed of hand
haforce          stalling force of hand
hadetachrate     detachement rate of attached hand, per second
haenddetachrate  detachement rate of hand at ends of microtubules