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Gallery of simulations
Experiments with motors and microtubules

Java code

Dynamic Microtubule Applet

C++ code

Elementary FRAP simulation using OpenGL and GLUT, developed with Jonathan Ward.
Parameters in C++ this demonstrates how to read and handle the parameters of a simulation in C++.

Matlab code

tiffread.m (v3.32)
Tiffread imports some TIFF files into Matlab, including Metamorph and Zeiss LSM stacks.
Tiffread.m should work in matlab, and it was reported to work also in Octave.
This version is open source and distributed under the GNU GPL license v3.
Many people contributed to Tiffread over the years, please check the list inside the function.

Other useful matlab functions

show_image.m displays an image
show_stack.m displays a stack (using show_image.m)
image_histogram.h calculates an histogram of pixel values
image_background.m detect the background level of the image, when it is predominantly dark (using image_histogram.m)

Older versions

tiffread32.m (v3.2) tiffread31.m (v3.1) tiffread30.m (v3.0)
tiffread29.m (v2.9) tiffread27.m (v2.7) tiffread26.m (v2.6)

Microtubule dynamic instability analysis

Function tolset
These suite of matlab functions were used to analyze the dynamic instability of microtubules from time-length records (2005)


Postscript code

An Indian recipe written in French
A recipe for a French cake written in English
The recipe for French-Swiss fondue from a German-Swiss written in English